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Question: Do you know what is the most boring part in launching a new WordPress site?

"It is doing all the repetitive configuration steps over and over again, for each website"

Including, but not limited to:

  • Removing all sample posts, pages and comments
  • Setting up site name, admin email, timezone, language and other site settings
  • Setting up full site SEO settings
  • Creating the required pages of any modern site
  • Making sure your site is GDPR compliant and has a cookie notice
  • Installing and setting up plugins and the theme you are going to use on your site
  • Setting up site security settings and making sure you are not exposed to hackers
  • Setting up social sharing buttons for your content
  • Setting up monetization for your site using AdSense or affiliate marketing
  • Optimizing page load speed
  • And the task list could go on and on...

Szabi Kisded
From: Szabi Kisded - CodeRevolution
Presenting: WP Setup Wizard

Dear Fellow WordPress Enthusiast,

Let's face it, WordPress has way too many menus you have to visit to set it up completely! Because my job as a WordPress plugin developer, I had to configure tens of new WordPress sites monthly. This forced me to realize that I really wished for a much SIMPLER way to get through these repetitive setup steps.
And that’s why I created the WP Setup Wizard plugin!

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Check the Plugin's Full Feature List:

1. Content Settings πŸ–ŠοΈ

  • Change site title, tagline, favicon, admin email or permalink structure
  • Rename the "Uncategorized" default category
  • Set user registration options and email options
  • Set site language, timezone, date format and time format
  • Delete all posts, pages, categories, tags, comments or attachments
  • Automatically create required legal pages
  • Automatically create blank posts and pages
  • Automatically create categories and tags
  • Add JavaScript and CSS to header or footer
  • "YouTube Caption Scraper" module will be able to get import any YouTube video's closed captions and use it as your site's unique content

2. Image Upload Settings πŸ“·

  • Set default image upload quality
  • Automatically remove EXIF data from images
  • Automatically watermark uploaded images

3. User Access Restrictions πŸ›‘

  • Allow only logged in users to view the site
  • Enable "Under Construction" mode

4. GDPR Compliance βš–οΈ

  • Show a cookie consent notice to visitors
  • Choose to accept or redirect EU traffic
  • Add a "Right to be Forgotten" form to your website
  • Add a "Data Access Request" form to your website
  • Add a "Unsubscribe" form to your website
  • Add a "Data Rectification Request" form to your website
  • Add a GDPR consent checkbox to comment forms

5. Theme & Plugins πŸ”Œ

  • Automatically install a list of themes you select
  • Automatically install a list of plugins you select

6. Website Security πŸ”

  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Change default WordPress Login URL
  • Enforce SSL/HTTPS
  • Google ReCaptcha integration to login form, comments form and contact forms generated by this plugin

7. Commenting Settings πŸ™Š

  • Change new comment moderation and email settings
  • Disable comments for posts or pages
  • Replace default WordPress commenting system with Facebook comments

8. Content Protection πŸ›‘οΈ

  • Disable right clicking on content
  • Disable text selection of content

9. SEO Settings πŸ”

  • Facebook OG tags, Twitter meta tags or generic website meta tags
  • Business JSON-LD meta information
  • Automatic robots.txt generation
  • Business meta rating tags
  • Redirect 404 page not found errors to home page
  • Discourage search engines from indexing your site

10. Social Settings πŸ‘‹

  • Automatically add social sharing buttons to your posts
  • Automatically add a "Pin It" button to images

11. Monetization πŸ’²

  • Automatically add affiliate links to your posts
  • Automatically add AdSense code to your site
  • Automatically show affiliate ads from a wide range of affiliate websites

12. Page Load Speed 🏎️

  • Minify, compress and combine HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Remove query strings from static resources
  • Enable GZIP compression
  • Leverage browser caching

13.‍ Website Branding πŸ‘˜

  • Customize WordPress login page
  • Rename the "Uncategorized" default category
  • Customize WordPress admin bar
  • Customize WordPress admin dashboard

14. Database πŸ“š

  • Database cleanup
  • Database backup
  • Database reset

15. Also, you will no longer need to worry about πŸ™…

  • No need to make each and every small configuration and settings tweak manually, over and over again

  • No tech skills required to make this plugin work for you, setup your site in the
    "Next-Next-Next-Finish" setup wizard style

  • No more complicated documentation files and hard to follow tutorial videos

  • No more expensive investments in different plugins, no more monthly recurring payments to continue to use them

  • Lifetime updates will bring new features to the plugin

  • If issues arise, they will be solved by our Top Notch Customer Support in no time!

Tutorial videos πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« (multipart tutorial video playlist):


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Select the configurations you wish to edit on your site

Click the "Continue" button to go to the next screen

When you are done with all the settings exit the "Quick Setup Wizard"

You are done! You can check the plugin's settings for advanced features or sit back and relax

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Szabi Kisded

P.S. You will not regret getting this offer, with this plugin, setting up new WordPress sites will never be easier!

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