WP Setup Wizard Plugin for WordPress

What is the most boring part in setting up WordPress?

It is doing all the repetitive
configuration steps
over and over again, for each website…

(let me show you how to speed up this process)

Be sure to turn sound on - you'll want to also hear this

  • Removing all sample posts, pages and comments
  • Setting up site name, admin email, timezone, language
  • Creating the required legal pages and content
  • Making sure your site is GDPR compliant and has a cookie notice
  • Setting up theme and plugins for security, social sharing, page speed and monetization
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Let Me Teach You How To
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Szabi Kisded

From The Desk Of

Szabi Kisded

Are you tired of spending hours doing repetitive tasks, while configuring your new WordPress site...

...yet only you will have to do the entire process over and over again, for each site you will create in the future?

Don’t worry, this is how we all feel after a number of WordPress sites we set up during our lifetime.

The good news is, you've come to the best place to turn things around for the better...

...because in the next two minutes you're about to say GOODBYE to the wasted time that configuring new WordPress installations robbed from your life!

Because I was also once in your shoes, I had to create this plugin to free up my own time and to get more time to spend with my lovely daughter and family.

Let me show you how you can do the same!


WP Setup Wizard

Helping you cut down hours of configuring your new WordPress sites!

What will the plugin help you to DO:

  • Removing all sample posts, pages and comments
  • Setting up site name, admin email, timezone, language and other site settings
  • Setting up full site SEO settings
  • Creating the must have pages of any modern site, like: "Contact Us", "About Us", "Privacy Policy", "Terms of Service", "Affiliate Disclaimer" and many more
  • Making sure your site is GDPR compliant and has a cookie notice
  • Installing and setting up plugins and the theme you are going to use on your site
  • Setting up site security settings and making sure you are not exposed to hackers
  • Setting up social sharing buttons for your content
  • Setting up monetization for your site using AdSense or affiliate marketing
  • Optimizing page load speed
  • And the task list could go on and on...

What will the plugin help you to NOT DO:

  • No need to do any more tiresome manual site setup and configuration tasks like before
  • No need for any more huge investments with into other plugins that provide similar features
  • No coding or tech skills needed, this plugin has a simple and user friendly interface
  • No more complicated tutorials and documentation. Enjoy simple and straight forward tutorial videos

Using WP Setup Wizard is as easy as clicking

See It In Action! Watch The Tutorials Below:

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If you have a question, get in touch with me and I will be glad to answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

Q. What’s WP Setup Wizard All About?

A. It’s a cutting-edge WordPress plugin proven to help you spend even 95% less time configuring your new WordPress sites, allowing you to spend more time on what you love and enjoy.

Q. Is this really beginner friendly or are you just saying that?

A. It’s REALLY beginner friendly. We tested it with friends with zero tech skills … and in minutes they had functional WordPress websites set up and fully configured. Even more, the included tutorial videos cover everything from A-Z and the plugin itself is super easy to use and user friendly.

Q. What about extra costs or monthly expenses?

A. What about them? There are NO hidden costs and you won’t be needed to pay ANY monthly recurring fees. All features of the plugin are included in it's ONE TIME purchase price.

Q. What about customer support?

A. I pride myself on top-notch support for all my customers. If you ever have a question or tech issue, help is just one-click away - I will handle all support requests personally.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes, you are covered by our 30-day money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you act now. The only way you lose is if you don’t grab WP Setup Wizard at the discounted price...

Q. How Much Time Does A Site Setup Take?

A. Initial plugin installation takes about 30 seconds. From there, you will be able to start configuring your site - process which can take less than 3 minutes! From there, you can go into the advanced settings and features of the plugin, or just sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new WordPress site… it’s up to you!

Q. Are plugin tutorial videos included?

A. Absolutely. When you will start using the plugin, you will see in it's menu a step-by-step training tutorial video series, that will make using the plugin even easier. Also, when the plugin will be updated, new tutorial videos will be released for it, to cover also the newly added features.

Q. Are there any OTOs / upsells?

A. There are no additional upsells or OTOs. You pay once and get everything in a single package.