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live demo

What is Tartarus Crawl Control Plugin?

Tartarus Crawl Control WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool to make automated website crawling related stuff extremely simple.
- Do you want to know exactly what bots have accessed your website, when and how many times?
- Do you want to automatically ban bots that do not follow your robots.txt file directives (trust me, there are a lot of this kind)?
- Do you want to automatically ban robots that spam your website's comment section with automated text?
- Do you want to make your comment form more secure by adding to it a simple ReCaptcha?
- Do you want to get rid of referral spam in your Google Analytics web stats?
- Do you want to ban known bad robots that abuse your website, making it's speed sluggish?
- Do you want to put yourself in full control of the crawling of your website?
- No problem!

Our intuitive, easy-to-use system allows you to create a suite of traps that will block any known or unknown 'bad bot' (exceptions are the ones that offer SEO value for your website) - in form of a links visible only to bots and hidden from users, accessing which will block the visitors IP Adress or honeypot traps in the commenting form, that will capture commenting automated bots, that annoy you with comment spam.

Add your own virtual virtual trap for bad bots. The Tartarus Crawl Control WordPress Plugin includes a hidden link to all of your pages. It also adds a line to your robots.txt file (if you configure it so) that forbids bots from following the hidden link. It also adds 'Nofollow' directive to the link (if you configure it so). Bots that ignore or disobey your robots rules will crawl the link and fall into the virtual trap. Once trapped, bad bots are denied further access to your WordPress-powered website and will appear in the 'Banned List' in the plugin's settings page. This trap only affects bad bots: human users never see the hidden link, and good bots obey the robots rules in the first place.
Another feature of this plugin is a honeypot trap in the comments form. The plugin includes a hidden input field that if is submited with content (the input field is visible only to bots, and only they can alter it - humans will not see it and will leave it blank), the IP adress from where the submission was made, will be banned.

By default, all major search engines are whitelisted and will never be blocked from your site. Even if they flagrantly disobey your explicit robots.txt rules, they always will have full access in all situations. More information about this available in the plugin documentation. The Tartarus Crawl Control plugin is a super fun way of trapping bad bots and protecting your site against email harvesters, rogue spiders, and other disobedient automatons.

What You Can Do With This Plugin?

Wider explanations:

When it comes to SEO, most people have a decent understanding of the basics. They know about keywords, and how they should show up in different places throughout their content. They have heard of on-page SEO, and have maybe even given WordPress SEO plugins a whirl. If you dive down into the nitty gritty of search engine optimization, however, there are a few rather obscure pieces of the puzzle that not everyone knows about'one of them being robots.txt files.

What are robots.txt files and what are they used for?
A robots.txt file is a text file that resides on your server. It contains rules for indexing your website and is a tool to directly communicate with search engines. Basically, the file says which parts of your site Google's allowed to index and which parts they should leave alone. However, why would you ever tell Google not to crawl something on your site? Isn't that harmful from an SEO perspective? There are actually many reasons why you would tell Google not to crawl something on your site. One of the most common uses of robots.txt is excluding a website from the search results that is still in its development stage. The same goes for a staging version of your site, where you try out changes before committing them to the live version. Or, maybe you have some files on your server that you don't want to pop up on the Internet because they are only for your users.

Noteworthy names of user-agents that respect rules defined in the robots.txt include:
Googlebot ' Google
Googlebot-Image ' Google Image
Googlebot-News ' Google News
Bingbot ' Bing
Yahoo! Slurp ' Yahoo

This plugin is an easy way to secure your website from malicious bots and spiders!
In fact, for most people, the configuration phase takes less than 5 minutes.
This plugin only requires some quick configurations and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. The plugin is also "plug and play" - you can activate it, and without a single configuration, you can profit from the major part of the plugin main features.
All the available features makes Tartarus Crawl Control Wordpress Plugin the best and most flexible page redirection plugin available on sale for WordPress.

Tartarus Crawl Control Plugin main features:

+ Create a bot trap that will capture malicious robots that do not honor your robots.txt file

+ You can define custom rules (with wildcard support!) that will ban robots and human users, based on their IP Adresses and User Agent strings

+ Full modern browser support - Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari

+ Full modern webcrawlers support - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter

+ Useful for a wide range of websites, including: blogs, subscription sites, single sites and others

+ Recaptcha integrition support in your comments, log-in, register and forgot password forms

+ Custom rule to automatically ban known 'good bots'

+ Custom rule to automatically ban knwon 'bad bots' - plugin contains a list of over 1000 of these malicious bots

+ Ability to log your website visitors, in different categories for human and robot visitors

+ Ability to exclude a list of robot names, that will be always be allowed to fully crawl your website

+ Ability to exclude a list of robot IP Adresses, that will be always be allowed to fully crawl your website

+ Ability to customize the message shown to the banned bots

+ Ability to set an alert to be sent by email to your custom email adress, every time a bot got trapped by this plugin

+ Plugin will check if mail sending feature is active and working in your WordPress installation and if not, it will alert you

+ Optimized for speed - no speed impact

+ Adds a layer of protection by customizing your .htaccess file, by adding exclusions for a wide range of known malicious spiders and bots

+ Ability to view a wide range of information about the banned bot, including IP Adress, User Agent, ban type, URL, query string, protocol and many others

+ A built-in robots.txt editor, to full customize your robots.txt file

+ A built-in .htaccess editor, to full customize your .htaccess file

+ Full documentation and tutorial included about robots.txt, htaccess and many other stuff

+ Ability to edit the meta tags that are shown in the page types on your website, including: NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOODP and NOYDIR. Page types include: posts, pages, home page, category, archive, search, taxonomy, not found, tag and media.

+ Ability to lift restrictions and allow banned users to access login and admin pages - just to be sure you do not lock yourself out of WordPress

+ Bot Comment Spam Blocker - sets up a honeypot trap, that will capture malicious spamming bots and will ban them

+ Referrer Spam Blocker - detect referral spam sources and block them - getting rid of spikes in traffic in your Google Analytics data

+ Ability to add a shortcode for securing your inpage email adress from email stealing bots (uses javascript)

+ Responsive design, fully mobile compatible

+ Translations ready

+ Most feature rich 'Bot Banning and Crawl Control' Plugin for WordPress on the market!

+ Lifetime updates, great support

Testing Tartarus Crawl Control Plugin

You can test the Tartarus Crawl Control Plugin on this page. Click on the links bellow (see the initial links to know the redirection source):

Notice! Please be patient with the examples bellow - my demostration site uses a free hosting service, it's performace is a bit low. Thank you!

Which bots are included in the 'Good Bots' List of this plugin?

twitterbot, slurp, ia_archiver, facebookexternalhit, facebot, googlebot, mediapartners, adsbot, Yahoo, baidu, yandex, yahooseeker, yahoobot, msnbot, watchmouse, pingdom, feedfetcher-google, bingbot, bingpreview

Which bots are included in the 'Bad Bots' List of this plugin?

bot, SiteLockSpider, crawler, archiver, transcoder, spider, uptime, validator, fetcher, MJ12bot, Ezooms, AhrefsBot, FHscan, Acunetix, Zyborg, ZmEu, Zeus, Xenu, Xaldon, WWW-Collector-E, WWWOFFLE, WISENutbot, Widow, Whacker, WebZIP, WebWhacker, WebStripper, Webster, Website\ Quester, Website\ eXtractor, WebSauger, WebReaper, WebmasterWorldForumBot, WebLeacher, Web.Image.Collector, WebGo\ IS, WebFetch, WebEnhancer, WebEMailExtrac, WebCopier,, WebBandit, WebAuto, Web\ Sucker, Web\ Image\ Collector, VoidEYE, VCI, Vacuum, URLy.Warning, TurnitinBot, turingos, True_Robot, Titan, TightTwatBot, TheNomad, The.Intraformant, TurnitinBot/1.5, Telesoft, Teleport, tAkeOut, Szukacz/1.4, suzuran, Surfbot, SuperHTTP, SuperBot, Sucker, Stripper, Sqworm, spanner, SpankBot, SpaceBison, sogou, Snoopy, Snapbot, Snake, SmartDownload, SlySearch, SiteSnagger, Siphon, RMA, RepoMonkey, ReGet, Recorder, Reaper, RealDownload, QueryN.Metasearch, Pump, psbot, ProWebWalker, ProPowerBot/2.14, Pockey, PHP\ version\ tracker, pcBrowser, pavuk, Papa\ Foto, PageGrabber, OutfoxBot, Openfind, Offline\ Navigator, Offline\ Explorer, Octopus, NPbot, Ninja, NimbleCrawler, niki-bot, NICErsPRO, NG, NextGenSearchBot, NetZIP, Net\ Vampire, NetSpider, NetMechanic, Netcraft, NetAnts, NearSite, Navroad, NAMEPROTECT, Mozilla.*NEWT, Mozilla/3.Mozilla/2.01, moget, Mister\ PiX, Missigua\ Locator, Mirror, MIIxpc, MIDown\ tool, Microsoft\ URL\ Control, Microsoft.URL, Memo, Mata.Hari, Mass\ Downloader, MarkWatch, Mag-Net, Magnet, LWP::Simple, lwp-trivial, LinkWalker, LNSpiderguy, LinkScan/8.1a.Unix, LinkextractorPro, likse, libWeb/clsHTTP, lftp, LexiBot, larbin, Key2.Density, Kenjin.Spider, Jyxobot, JustView, JOC, JetCar, JennyBot, Jakarta, Iria, Internet\ Ninja, InterGET, Intelliseek, InfoTekies, InfoNaviRobot, Indy\ Library, Image\ Sucker, Image\ Stripper, IlseBot, humanlinks, HTTrack, HMView, hloader, Harvest, Grafula, GrabNet, gotit, Go-Ahead-Got-It, FrontPage, flunky, Foobot, EyeNetIE, Extractor, Express\ WebPictures, Exabot, EroCrawler, EmailWolf, EmailSiphon, EmailCollector, EirGrabber, ebingbong, EasyDL, eCatch, Drip, dragonfly, Download\ Wonder, Download\ Devil, Download\ Demon, DittoSpyder, DIIbot, DISCo, AIBOT, Aboundex, Custo, Crescent, cosmos, CopyRightCheck, Copier, Collector, ChinaClaw, CherryPicker, CheeseBot, Cegbfeieh, BunnySlippers, Bullseye, BuiltBotTough, Buddy, BotALot, BlowFish, BlackWidow, Black.Hole, Bigfoot, BatchFTP, Bandit, BackWeb, BackDoorBot, 80legs, 360Spider, Java, Cogentbot, Alexibot, asterias, attach, eStyle, WebCrawler, Dumbot, CrocCrawler, ASPSeek, AcoiRobot, DuckDuckBot, BLEXBot, Ips Agent, bot, crawl, spider, outbrain, 008, 192.comAgent, 2ip\.ru, 404checker, ^bluefish , ^FDM , ^git, ^Goose, ^HTTPClient, ^Java, ^Jetty, ^Mget, ^Microsoft URL Control, ^NG\/[0-9\.], ^NING, ^PHP\/[0-9], ^RMA, ^Ruby, Ruby\/[0-9], ^scrutiny, ^VSE\/[0-9], ^WordPress\.com, ^XRL\/[0-9], a3logics\.in, A6-Indexer, a\.pr-cy\.ru, Aboundex, aboutthedomain, Accoona, acoon, acrylicapps\.com\/pulp, adbeat, AddThis, ADmantX, adressendeutschland, Advanced Email Extractor v, agentslug, AHC, aihit, aiohttp, Airmail, akula, alertra, alexa site audit, Alibaba\.Security\.Heimdall, alyze\.info, amagit, AndroidDownloadManager, Anemone, Ant\.com, Anturis Agent, AnyEvent-HTTP, Apache-HttpClient, AportWorm\/[0-9], AppEngine-Google, Arachmo, arachnode, Arachnophilia, archive-com, aria2,, AskQuickly, Astute, asynchttp, autocite, Autonomy, B-l-i-t-z-B-O-T, Backlink-Ceck\.de, Bad-Neighborhood, baypup\/[0-9], baypup\/colbert, BazQux, BCKLINKS, BDFetch, BegunAdvertising, bibnum\.bnf, BigBozz, biglotron, BingLocalSearch, binlar, biz_Directory, Blackboard Safeassign, Bloglovin, BlogPulseLive, BlogSearch, Blogtrottr, boitho\.com-dc, BPImageWalker, Braintree-Webhooks, Branch Metrics API, Branch-Passthrough, Browsershots, BUbiNG, Butterfly, BuzzSumo, CakePHP, CapsuleChecker, CaretNail, cb crawl, CC Metadata Scaper, Cerberian Drtrs, CERT\.at-Statistics-Survey, cg-eye, 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EventMachine HttpClient, Evidon, Evrinid, ExactSearch, ExaleadCloudview, Excel, Exploratodo, ezooms, facebookplatform, fairshare, Faraday v, Faveeo, Favicon downloader, FavOrg, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, FeedBooster, FeedBucket, FeedBurner, FeedChecker, Feedly, Feedspot, feeltiptop, Fetch API, Fetch\/[0-9], Fever\/[0-9], findlink, findthatfile, Flamingo_SearchEngine, FlipboardBrowserProxy, FlipboardProxy, FlipboardRSS, fluffy, flynxapp, forensiq, FoundSeoTool\/[0-9], free thumbnails, FreeWebMonitoring SiteChecker, Funnelback, g00g1e\.net, GAChecker, geek-tools, Genderanalyzer, Genieo, GentleSource, GetLinkInfo, getprismatic\.com, GetURLInfo\/[0-9], GigablastOpenSource, Go [\d\.]* package http, Go-http-client, GomezAgent, gooblog, Goodzer\/[0-9], Google favicon, Google Keyword Suggestion, Google Keyword Tool, Google Page Speed Insights, Google PP Default, Google Search Console, Google Web Preview, Google-Adwords, Google-Apps-Script, Google-Calendar-Importer, Google-HTTP-Java-Client, 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Which bots are included in the 'Bad Bots' List using HTACCESS blocking of this plugin?

aesop_com_spiderman, alexibot, backweb, bandit, batchftp, bigfoot, black.?hole, blackwidow, blowfish, botalot, buddy, builtbottough, bullseye, capture, fetch, finder, harvest, Java, larbin, libww, library, link, nutch, Retrieve, cheesebot, cherrypicker, chinaclaw, collector, copier, copyrightcheck, crawlcosmos, crescent, curl, custo, da, diibot, disco, dittospyder, dragonfly, drip, easydl, ebingbong, ecatch, eirgrabber, emailcollector, emailsiphon, emailwolf, erocrawler, exabot, eyenetie, filehound, flashget, flunky, frontpage, getright, getweb, go.?zilla, go-ahead-got-it, gotit, grabnet, grafula, harvest, hloader, hmview, httplib, httrack, humanlinks, ilsebot, infonavirobot, infotekies, intelliseek, interget, iria, jennybot, jetcar, joc, justview, jyxobot, kenjin, keyword, larbin, leechftp, lexibot, lftp, libweb, likse, linkscan, linkwalker, lnspiderguy, lwp, magnet, mag-net, markwatch, mata.?hari, memo, microsoft.?url, midown.?tool, miixpc, mirror, missigua, mrsputnik, mister.?pix, moget, mozilla.?newt, nameprotect, navroad, backdoorbot, nearsite, net.?vampire, netants, netcraft, netmechanic, netspider, nextgensearchbot, attach, nicerspro, nimblecrawler, npbot, octopus, offline.?explorer, offline.?navigator, openfind, outfoxbot, pagegrabber, papa, pavuk, pcbrowser, php.?version.?tracker, pockey, propowerbot, prowebwalker, psbot, pump, queryn, recorder, realdownload, reaper, reget, true_robot, repomonkey, rma, internetseer, sitesnagger, siphon, slysearch, smartdownload, snake, snapbot, snoopy, sogou, spacebison, spankbot, spanner, sqworm, superbot, scraper, siphon, spider, tool, superhttp, surfbot, asterias, suzuran, szukacz, takeout, teleport, telesoft, the.?intraformant, thenomad, tighttwatbot, titan, urldispatcher, turingos, turnitinbot, urly.?warning, vacuum, vci, voideye, whacker, widow, wisenutbot, wwwoffle, xaldon, xenu, zeus, zyborg, anonymouse, craftbot, download, extract, stripper, sucker, ninja, clshttp, webspider, leacher, coll?ector, grabber, webpictures, libwww-perl, aesop_com_spiderman, libwww-perl, Purebot, Sosospider, AboutUsBot, Johnny5, Python-urllib, Yeti, TurnitinBot, GoScraper, Kehalim, DoCoMo, SurveyBot, spbot, BDFetch, EasyDL, CamontSpider, Chilkat, Z?mEu, GoScraper, Kehalim, DoCoMo, SurveyBot, spbot, BDFetch, EasyDL, CamontSpider, Chilkat, Z?mEu, zip, emaile, enhancer, fetch, go.?is, auto, bandit, clip, copier, master, reaper, sauger, site.?quester, whack

What known referral spam websites are blocked by this plugin?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How do you see Tartarus Crawl Control Wordpress Plugin's results?

First you must install and activate the plugin. Than you must configure it as you like and save the settings. Next thing next, you can wait to see it's results in the Page Access List admin page (where you can see logs of your visitors) and in the Blocked Bots List admin page (where all the banned bots will be lister)! You can also include the following shortcode to your website:
[tartarus_add_secure_email email="[email protected]"] - this shortcode, will add a 'email adress stealing bot' safe email adress to your website's content. It will be hidden using javascript, but only to crawling bots. It will still be perfectly visible and functional for human visitors.

[tartarus_add_secure_email email="[email protected]"]
If you don't know what shortcodes are, here is a quick tutorial for you!

If you keep Tartarus Crawl Control plugin enabled, your your configured redirects will work 24/7!

Tartarus Crawl Control video tutorial:

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Special notes:

+ For support or customizations please contact us at the following e-mail adress: [email protected]. Thank you!