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What is RSS Transmute?

RSS Transmute is a powerful tool to copy and even automatically edit any RSS feed, from any website from the internet. The generated feeds will be published on your website and they will be automatically updated with new content, each time the original feed is refreshed, without your further intervention.Your only task is to provide the plugin with target RSS feed URLs and and the plugin will do the rest of the job. As a result, you will get your newly generated RSS feeds in seconds!

Even more, you can edit the generated feeds: add your own content to them, automatically translate them, spin the content, merge multiple feeds into a single one!

The plugin will store your RSS feed on your website (similar to RSS feeds that are already present on your site). The plugin will generate a unique URL for each feed you've created (you can change generated feed names). The URL of the new feeds can be used in HTML code at your website or be embedded in any RSS reader or software that manages RSS feeds. It can also be provided to one of many RSS readers or any other RSS-related service.

Once you've created your RSS feed it starts updating automatically, based on the schedule you set in plugin settings. No need to manually regenerate the RSS each time to refresh it, the plugin will do this job for you.

Other plugin features:

This plugin only requires some quick configurations and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. The plugin is also "plug and play" - you can activate it, and without a single configuration, you can profit from the major part of the plugin main features.
All the available features makes RSS Transmute WordPress Plugin the best and most flexible RSS Feed Generator plugin available on sale for WordPress.

RSS Transmute main features:

+ Import content to custom RSS feeds created on your site, from any RSS feed from the internet

+ Resulting RSS feed items are fully customizable, based on predefined rules

+ Spin imported content using word spinners like: SpinRewriter, The Best Spinner or WordAI

+ Automatically translate content using Google Translate or DeepL

+ Merge multiple feeds into a single one

+ Define rules and run them by a schedule: feeds will be automatically added to your site

+ Shortcodes will give to the ability to fully customize your RSS feed item's title, content and also custom feed tags

+ Define feed restrictions: (feed item min/max title length, min/max content length, add item to feed only if article has an attached image, define banned and allowed keywords)

+ Optimized for speed - no website load speed impact

+ Ability to define custom Ad codes

+ Update RSS feeds if they are already published on your site

+ Send custom cookies with web requests (login)

+ Advanced Logging - to allow you to see your rules scheduled runs results

+ Random Sentence Generator - include in your RSS feeds a set of random sentences that will give your feed items uniqueness, even in the eyes of web crawlers

+ Full plugin documentation and tutorial included

+ Translations ready

+ Most feature rich 'RSS Feed Editor' Plugin for WordPress on the market!

+ Lifetime updates, great support

Testing RSS Transmute

You can test the RSS Transmute on the pages linked bellow:

Try it out now

How do you see RSS Transmute WordPress Plugin's results?

First you must install and activate the plugin. Than you must configure it as you like and save the settings. Next thing next, you can wait to see the new RSS feeds appearing on your webpage!

If you keep RSS Transmute plugin enabled, your gorgeous RSS feeds will be created and updated even on your sleep!

RSS Transmute video tutorial:

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Special notes:

+ For support or customizations please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Thank you!