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1 Month
Beginner Digital Money Maker
You have some new ideas on making money online you want to try OR you like to code with WordPress in your spare time
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3 Months
Digital Money Maker by Night
You have a side business you run nightly from which you have a moderate steady income OR you stay up late drinking coffee and playing around with WordPress
3 months / 16$
12 Months
Digital Money Maker Monkey
You have a thriving online business from where you make your living OR spend so much time coding, that you start thinking in IF/ELSE statements
12 months / 60$


About Me:

Szabi Kisded

Hey there, I'm Szabi. At 30 years old, I quit my IT job and started my own business and became a full time WordPress plugin developer, blogger and stay-at-home dad. Here I'm documenting my journey earning an online (semi)passive income. Read more

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