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NoSQL for Mere Mortals


This book is a must for people who want to get into NoSql and learn about it’s inner workings.

The book gives a very wide introduction on:

  1. What types of NoSQL DB’s exist, and for each type which vendors/implementations exist on the market for this type;
  2. A Rationale for using each DB, or to put it right, what type of domain each DB type address;
  3. Architecture of each DB type;
  4. For each db, the author present queries that each DB can support;
  5. How to correctly define the key and how to represent structured information for Key-Value databases;
  6. How to handle the normalization/denormalization balance and most effectively use joins for Document databases;
  7. How to design tables, denormalize them, handle indexing, etc. for Column family databases;
  8. How to query a graph, use indexes, define graph edges etc., for Graph databases.
  9. And much more.

The book furthermore provides a few case study examples of NoSQL databases applied to a business application to make the whole discussion even more concrete and hands-down. Overall, the book stands out for its clarity and highly structured approach to presenting NoSQL databases.

About the Author of the Book

Dan Sullivan is a data architect and data scientist with more than 25 years of experience in business intelligence, machine learning, data mining, text mining, Big Data, data modeling, and application design. Dan’s project work has ranged from analyzing complex genomics and proteomics data to designing and implementing numerous database applications. His most recent work has focused on NoSQL database modeling, data analysis, cloud computing, text mining, and data integration in life sciences. Dan has extensive experience in relational database design and works regularly with NoSQL databases. Dan has presented and written extensively on NoSQL, cloud computing, analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence. He has worked in many industries, including life sciences, financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, health care, insurance, retail, power systems, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and publishing.

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