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What is Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Plugin?

Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool to generate a passive income for yourself. Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. The American Internal Revenue Service categorizes income into three broad types, active income, passive income, and portfolio income.
- Do you want to earn money even while you sleep?
- Do you want to generate posts to your WordPress Blog directly from the Envato Marketplaces?
- Do you want to start an Affiliate Marketing web site?
- Do you want to get all the above with zero effort?
- No problem! Hand of Midas plugin is the right thing for you!

Our intuitive, easy-to-use system allows you to create a web site full of exciting items dirrectly from the Envato Marketplace, each, with your referral link added!

Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Plugin will import items from Envato Marketplaces you define to your blog. Resulting blog posts are fully customizable and rich in content. List of customizable stuff for each post:

Other plugin features:

This plugin only requires some quick configurations and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. The plugin is also "plug and play" - you can activate it, and without a single configuration, you can profit from the major part of the plugin main features.
All the available features makes Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Wordpress Plugin the best and most flexible affiliate plugin available on sale for WordPress.

Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Plugin main features:

+ Import content to your blog from all Envato Marketplaces

+ Supports CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, VideoHive, 3DOcean, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver and PhotoDune

+ Resulting posts are fully customizable, based on predefined rules

+ Posts can have: custom title, content, enable/disable comments, default feature image or envato item featured image, post type, post status, post author, post category and tags

+ Import item comments to your generated posts

+ Import item categories and tags to your generated posts

+ Possible post sources are: Latest Market Items, Latest Items from Market Categories, Latest Items from Specific User, Popular Items, Featured Items, Random Items from Markeplaces, Manual Item Import by ID

+ Possibility to manually add more items in one post (ex: "Check out these 5 incredible items from Envato Market") with automatic post content listing the inputed item IDs's content

+ Define rules and run them by a schedule: posts will be automatically added to your blog

+ Moderate resulted posts as 'Draft' or 'Pending' or publish them as 'Published' or 'Private' or move them directly to 'Trash'

+ Shortcodes will give to the ability to fully customize your posts title and content

+ Automatic post update at a predefined schedule - if an author updates it's item - your blog post will be also updated

+ Optimized for speed - no speed impact

+ Automatical referral ref= tag adding to Envato Links only + referral tag replacing (if link already has other user's referral tag)

+ Shortcodes for Featured Author + author info, Featured Item + item info, Envato Style Item Description, Envato Style Thumbnail Popup with Image and Description

+ Advanced Logging - to allow you to see your rules scheduled runs results

+ Affiliate Keyword Replacer - define a set of keywords which will be automatically replaced with a predefined link

+ Random Sentence Generator - include in your posts a set of random sentences that will give your posts uniqueness, even in the eyes of web crawlers

+ Full plugin documentation and tutorial included

+ Referral URLs can be hidden using link shortener

+ Information metabox at the bottom of every post will give you extra information about automatically generated posts

+ Full Envato item details supports (emoticons, images, links, text)

+ Responsive design, fully mobile compatible

+ Translations ready

+ Most feature rich 'Envato Affiliate' Plugin for WordPress on the market!

+ Lifetime updates, great support

Hand of Midas Challenge

Testing Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Plugin

You can test the Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Plugin on the pages linked bellow:

Try it out now

How do you see Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate Wordpress Plugin's results?

First you must install and activate the plugin. Than you must configure it as you like and save the settings. Next thing next, you can wait to see the referral posts appearing on your webpage! You can also include the following shortcodes to your website:
[midas_item] - this shortcode will add information about an Envato Item
[midas_item_card] - this shortcode will generate an item card (Envato Style)!
[midas_item_thumbnail] - this shortcode will generate an item thumbnail with envato style mouse-over 'more details' popup!
If you don't know what shortcodes are, here is a quick tutorial for you!

If you keep Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate plugin enabled, your referral posts will be spawn even on your sleep!

Hand of Midas Envato Affiliate video tutorial:

Get this item on Envato Market!

Special notes:

+ For support or customizations please contact us at the following e-mail adress: [email protected]. Thank you!