“Tartarus Crawl Control Plugin for WordPress” Help by kisded

Tartarus Crawl Control Plugin for WordPress Help

Created: 16/11/2016
By: Kisded
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for purchasing our plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our email. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. About the plugin
  2. Wordpress installation
  3. Plugin Settings
  4. Summary
  5. Sources and Credits

About the plugin - top

How to limit the crawl rate of bots in a website

Increasing the volume of visits is one of the basic objectives of most websites. And in most cases, the greater number of visits comes from the main internet search engines, such as Google and Bing. Indeed, for the pages in our site to appear in the search result pages of these search engines, they must have previously been added to their indexes.
To index a site, search engines run specialized applications commonly referred to as 'bots', 'crawlers' or 'spiders'. These bots navigate the content of web sites, reading the content of the pages they find.
In principle, being actively crawled by different search engines it is a good signal for a site. But it may happen that the number of accesses done by crawlers becomes excessive, affecting the performance of the server, making it appear as slow or unresponsive to users. In this post we will review different possibilities to limit the crawl rate of the main internet search engines.

1. Identify which bots are crawling the site at an excessive crawl rate The most straightforward way to evaluate the load imposed by bots on the server, is to analyze the content of the site's access logs, and compute the total numbers of accesses done by different Users Agents, whose value includes the string 'bot', 'spider' or 'crawler'.
To illustrate this post, we have analyzed the access log of one of our sites, with the following result:

As we can see, the load imposed by bots does not seem to be excessive in this case 67,253 total requests in one day gives an average of 0.78 requests/second, with most reasonably configured web servers should be able to handle. Nevertheless, these requests consume CPU, RAM and bandwidth, and it is always worth knowing what are the possible ways to limit the crawl rate of the bots.

Robots.txt file
What are robots.txt files and what are they used for?
A robots.txt file is a text file that resides on your server. It contains rules for indexing your website and is a tool to directly communicate with search engines.
Basically, the file says which parts of your site Google's allowed to index and which parts they should leave alone.

However, why would you ever tell Google not to crawl something on your site? Isn't that harmful from an SEO perspective? There are actually many reasons why you would tell Google not to crawl something on your site.
One of the most common uses of robots.txt is excluding a website from the search results that is still in its development stage.
The same goes for a staging version of your site, where you try out changes before committing them to the live version.
Or, maybe you have some files on your server that you don't want to pop up on the Internet because they are only for your users.

Basic robots.txt syntax

If you rolled your eyes at the word 'syntax,' don't worry, you don't have to learn a new programming language. Available commands for directives are few. In fact, knowing just two of them is enough for most purposes:
User-Agent ' Defines the search engine crawler
Disallow ' Tells the crawler to stay away from defined files, pages, or directories
If you are not going to set different rules for different crawlers or search engines, an asterisk (*) can be used to define universal directives for all of them. For example, to block everyone from your entire website, you would configure robots.txt in the following way:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This basically says that all directories are off limits for all search engines.
What's important to note is that the file uses relative (and not absolute) paths. Since robots.txt resides in your root directory, the forward slash denotes a disallow for this location and everything it contains. To define single directories, such as your media folder, as off limits, you would have to write something like /wp-content/uploads/. Also keep in mind that paths are case sensitive.

If it makes sense for you, you can also allow and disallow parts of your site for certain bots. For example, the following code inside your robots.txt would give only Google full access to your website while keeping everyone else out:

User-agent: Googlebot
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

User-agent: Googlebot
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Be aware that rules for specific crawlers have to be defined at the beginning of the robots.txt file. Afterwards you can include a User-agent:* wild card as a catch-all directive for all spiders that don't have explicit rules.
Noteworthy names of user-agents include:

Googlebot ' Google
Googlebot-Image ' Google Image
Googlebot-News ' Google News
Bingbot ' Bing
Yahoo! Slurp ' Yahoo (great choice in name, Yahoo!)
Again, let me remind you that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and such will generally honor the directives in your file, however, not every crawler out there will.

The plugin helps you handle with ease the 'bad bots' that try to hack or spam on your website, besides having a whole bunch of features to help you in your work. These features include:

Wordpress installation - top

Youtube video tutorial:

I also provided a Quick Install Guide to feature an easy plugin installation for everyone.

To install this plugin, first, you'll need to install the plugin. The easiest method is to take the .zip file you've downloaded and upload it via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard. Once the plugin is installed, be sure to Activate it.

Now that you've installed and activated the plugin, you'll see a new menu item created inside WordPress called 'Tartarus Crawl Control'. First thing first, let's head over to Settings > Tartarus Crawl Control and take a look at what options are available.

Plugin Settings - top

Refreshingly, Tartarus Crawl Control plugin has a super-simple settings screen. Let's look at first at the settings panel:

Here you can find the steps needed in configuring your plugin even if you have no HTML knowledge at all. You can find options for:

HINT! Don't forget to click the Save button every time you modified your settings, otherwise the modifications will be lost!

Main Settings:

Blocked Bots List:

Recaptcha Integrition:

  • Secret Key: Please register your blog through the Google reCAPTCHA admin page and enter the secret key in the fields below. More help.
  • Sign-up Form Integrition: Do you want to show ReCaptcha in the sign-up form?
  • Sign-up Form Incorrect Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he must reenter the captcha in the sing up form, because it was incorrect.
  • Sign-up Form Spam Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he tries to spam in the sing-up form.
  • Login Form Integrition: Do you what to show ReCaptcha in the login form?
  • Login Form Incorrect Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he must reenter the captcha in the login form, because it was incorrect.
  • Login Form Spam Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he tries to spam in the log in form.
  • Comment Form Integrition: Do you what to show ReCaptcha in the comment form?
  • Comment Form Incorrect Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he must reenter the captcha in the comment form, because it was incorrect.
  • Comment Form Spam Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he tries to spam in the comment form.
  • Lost Password Form Integrition: Do you what to show ReCaptcha in the lost password form?
  • Lost Password Form Incorrect Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he must reenter the captcha in the lost password form, because it was incorrect.
  • Lost Password Form Spam Captcha Message: Please enter the message that will be shown to the user when he tries to spam in the lost password form.
  • ReCaptcha Theme: Select the theme you would like to apply to the recaptchas. You can select between light or dark.
  • ReCaptcha Language: Select the language you would like to apply to the recaptchas.
  • Disable Recaptcha if User is Logged In: Do you what to not show recaptchas for logged in users?
  • ReCaptcha Preview: Do not enable ReCaptchas if the Recaptcha Preview does not appear or does not function correctly!
  • Page Access List:

  • User Agent column User agent is an unique identification string for page visitor types.
  • Access Count column The number of visits by a specific User Agent Type
  • Type column The type of the use agent - human or bot
  • Robots.txt Editor

    .htaccess Editor

    Meta Tags Editor

    Note that for tha manual ban adding feature (in the 'Blocked Bots List:' page), wildcards are also supported. If you are not sure what wildcards are and how they work, I provided a Guide where I explain the mechanism of wildcards.

    Which bots are included in the 'Good Bots' List of this plugin?

    twitterbot, slurp, ia_archiver, facebookexternalhit, facebot, googlebot, mediapartners, adsbot, Yahoo, baidu, yandex, yahooseeker, yahoobot, msnbot, watchmouse, pingdom, feedfetcher-google, bingbot, bingpreview

    Which bots are included in the 'Bad Bots' List of this plugin?

    bot, SiteLockSpider, crawler, archiver, transcoder, spider, uptime, validator, fetcher, MJ12bot, Ezooms, AhrefsBot, FHscan, Acunetix, Zyborg, ZmEu, Zeus, Xenu, Xaldon, WWW-Collector-E, WWWOFFLE, WISENutbot, Widow, Whacker, WebZIP, WebWhacker, WebStripper, Webster, Website\ Quester, Website\ eXtractor, WebSauger, WebReaper, WebmasterWorldForumBot, WebLeacher, Web.Image.Collector, WebGo\ IS, WebFetch, WebEnhancer, WebEMailExtrac, WebCopier, Webclipping.com, WebBandit, WebAuto, Web\ Sucker, Web\ Image\ Collector, VoidEYE, VCI, Vacuum, URLy.Warning, TurnitinBot, turingos, True_Robot, Titan, TightTwatBot, TheNomad, The.Intraformant, TurnitinBot/1.5, Telesoft, Teleport, tAkeOut, Szukacz/1.4, suzuran, Surfbot, SuperHTTP, SuperBot, Sucker, Stripper, Sqworm, spanner, SpankBot, SpaceBison, sogou, Snoopy, Snapbot, Snake, SmartDownload, SlySearch, SiteSnagger, Siphon, RMA, RepoMonkey, ReGet, Recorder, Reaper, RealDownload, QueryN.Metasearch, Pump, psbot, ProWebWalker, ProPowerBot/2.14, Pockey, PHP\ version\ tracker, pcBrowser, pavuk, Papa\ Foto, PageGrabber, OutfoxBot, Openfind, Offline\ Navigator, Offline\ Explorer, Octopus, NPbot, Ninja, NimbleCrawler, niki-bot, NICErsPRO, NG, NextGenSearchBot, NetZIP, Net\ Vampire, NetSpider, NetMechanic, Netcraft, NetAnts, NearSite, Navroad, NAMEPROTECT, Mozilla.*NEWT, Mozilla/3.Mozilla/2.01, moget, Mister\ PiX, Missigua\ Locator, Mirror, MIIxpc, MIDown\ tool, Microsoft\ URL\ Control, Microsoft.URL, Memo, Mata.Hari, Mass\ Downloader, MarkWatch, Mag-Net, Magnet, LWP::Simple, lwp-trivial, LinkWalker, LNSpiderguy, LinkScan/8.1a.Unix, LinkextractorPro, likse, libWeb/clsHTTP, lftp, LexiBot, larbin, Key2.Density, Kenjin.Spider, Jyxobot, JustView, JOC, JetCar, JennyBot, Jakarta, Iria, Internet\ Ninja, InterGET, Intelliseek, InfoTekies, InfoNaviRobot, Indy\ Library, Image\ Sucker, Image\ Stripper, IlseBot, humanlinks, HTTrack, HMView, hloader, Harvest, Grafula, GrabNet, gotit, Go-Ahead-Got-It, FrontPage, flunky, Foobot, EyeNetIE, Extractor, Express\ WebPictures, Exabot, EroCrawler, EmailWolf, EmailSiphon, EmailCollector, EirGrabber, ebingbong, EasyDL, eCatch, Drip, dragonfly, Download\ Wonder, Download\ Devil, Download\ Demon, DittoSpyder, DIIbot, DISCo, AIBOT, Aboundex, Custo, Crescent, cosmos, CopyRightCheck, Copier, Collector, ChinaClaw, CherryPicker, CheeseBot, Cegbfeieh, BunnySlippers, Bullseye, BuiltBotTough, Buddy, BotALot, BlowFish, BlackWidow, Black.Hole, Bigfoot, BatchFTP, Bandit, BackWeb, BackDoorBot, 80legs, 360Spider, Java, Cogentbot, Alexibot, asterias, attach, eStyle, WebCrawler, Dumbot, CrocCrawler, ASPSeek, AcoiRobot, DuckDuckBot, BLEXBot, Ips Agent, bot, crawl, spider, outbrain, 008, 192.comAgent, 2ip\.ru, 404checker, ^bluefish , ^FDM , ^git, ^Goose, ^HTTPClient, ^Java, ^Jetty, ^Mget, ^Microsoft URL Control, ^NG\/[0-9\.], ^NING, ^PHP\/[0-9], ^RMA, ^Ruby, Ruby\/[0-9], ^scrutiny, ^VSE\/[0-9], ^WordPress\.com, ^XRL\/[0-9], a3logics\.in, A6-Indexer, a\.pr-cy\.ru, Aboundex, aboutthedomain, Accoona, acoon, acrylicapps\.com\/pulp, adbeat, AddThis, ADmantX, adressendeutschland, Advanced Email Extractor v, agentslug, AHC, aihit, aiohttp, Airmail, akula, alertra, alexa site audit, Alibaba\.Security\.Heimdall, alyze\.info, amagit, AndroidDownloadManager, Anemone, Ant\.com, Anturis Agent, AnyEvent-HTTP, Apache-HttpClient, AportWorm\/[0-9], AppEngine-Google, Arachmo, arachnode, Arachnophilia, archive-com, aria2, asafaweb.com, AskQuickly, Astute, asynchttp, autocite, Autonomy, B-l-i-t-z-B-O-T, Backlink-Ceck\.de, Bad-Neighborhood, baypup\/[0-9], baypup\/colbert, BazQux, BCKLINKS, BDFetch, BegunAdvertising, bibnum\.bnf, BigBozz, biglotron, BingLocalSearch, binlar, biz_Directory, Blackboard Safeassign, Bloglovin, BlogPulseLive, BlogSearch, Blogtrottr, boitho\.com-dc, BPImageWalker, Braintree-Webhooks, Branch Metrics API, Branch-Passthrough, Browsershots, BUbiNG, Butterfly, BuzzSumo, CakePHP, CapsuleChecker, CaretNail, cb crawl, CC Metadata Scaper, Cerberian Drtrs, CERT\.at-Statistics-Survey, 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    Which bots are included in the 'Bad Bots' List using HTACCESS blocking of this plugin?

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    What known referral spam websites are blocked by this plugin?

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    What are WordPress shortcodes?

    Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort. They were introduced in WordPress 2.5, and the reason to introduce them was to allow people to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without writing any code directly. This allows you to embed files or create objects that would normally require a lot of code in just one single line. For example, a shortcode for embedding information about the user's browser looks like this:

    [tartarus_add_secure_email email="[email protected]"]

    Sometimes you may want to use the text of a shortcode in a post. To do this you have to escape it using double brackets. For example, if you want to redirect automatically users from a page, you can use tartarus_add_secure_email shortcode to add a secured version of your e-mail adress (that cannot be stolen by email stealing crawlers), by using the following shortcode:

    [[tartarus_add_secure_email email="[email protected]"]]

    Shortcodes simplify the addition of features to a WordPress site. By using shortcodes the HTML and other markup is added dynamically directly into the post or page where the user wants them to appear.

    Results: If everything is configures well, you can go to plugin administration page (in 'Page Access List' and in 'Blocked Bots List' subpages), and you can wait to see it's results in the Page Access List admin page (where you can see logs of your visitors) and in the Blocked Bots List admin page (where all the banned bots will be lister)! You can also include the following shortcode to your website:

    Here are some examples of Tartarus Crawl Control plugin features:

    User Registration page Recaptcha integrition:

    Forgot Password page Recaptcha integrition:

    Trap link in the 'view page source' window for one of the blog posts (it is invisible for users, and bad bots will follow it (robots.txt has specification not to follow this link, also it has 'nofollow' tag), if they do, they will get banned):

    The honeypot trap set up in the comment form (it is invisible for users, and bots will write in it for sure - if they do, they will be blocked):

    The page access listing in the plugin settings

    Example of an access denied message

    Example of the ReCaptcha integrition in the login page

    Example of the ReCaptcha integrition in the comment form

    Summary - top

    Tartarus Crawl Control plugin is a simple, yet powerful tool you can use to manage bots and spiders that crawl your website. It can protect you from the hassle caused by 'bad bots' trying to find vulnerabilities in your website, or to spam your comments section. The setup and settings of the plugin couldn't have been easier. Now, let's go and enjoy the results of this great plugin! Have fun using it!

    Sources and Credits - top

    This component was made by Szabi Kisded, for more information and support contact us at [email protected]

    Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this item. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions regarding this plugin and I'll do my best to assist.