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Prometheus User Submitted Content Plugin for WordPress Help

Created: 16/11/2016
By: CodeRevolution
Email: [email protected]

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Table of Contents

  1. About the plugin
  2. Wordpress installation
  3. Plugin Settings
  4. Summary
  5. Sources and Credits

About the plugin - top

How to enable users to submit content to your website? Have you ever participated in a website that allows any approved user to submit content to the site? Maybe you've throug about using this type of model with your own website, but you're not sure how to make this happen.
Frontend publishing is very useful when you want users to submit guest blog posts, add images to your gallery, or create new business listings in your business directory.
It is no secret'fresh and engaging content is the lifeblood of any successful website. It drives traffic, promotes conversions, and provides searchable material for Google and other search engines to scan and evaluate. Without a steady flow of new content the Internet would virtually grind to a halt. But creating new and engaging content takes time and effort, and SEOs and webmasters are constantly on the look out for new ways to bring rich content to their sites.
This plugin provides one solution to the ongoing search for new content. It not only provides a steady stream of rich, searchable content for a given website, it also helps to keep webmasters and SEOs informed on the trending topics that their customer base finds most interesting. But just what is user-generated content, and how can it play a part in your SEO strategy?
The goal is to achieve the following:

User Generated Content Benefits
Allowing visitors to your site to leave comments, post reviews, upload images, and participate in forum discussions, gives you the opportunity to see exactly how consumers are talking about your products and services. This can be invaluable when researching keywords and phrases for your SEO campaign. By looking at the language your customers use, and the phrases that get repeated across a number of different postings, you will be able to identify new long tail keywords that will be invaluable in your on-page optimization strategies.

User Generated Content as a Source for Your Own Content
One of the biggest challenges facing webmasters and SEOs is creating their own stream of unique content for their websites. User generated content provides a great source for blog topics. By monitoring the UGC on your websites, you can get a good idea of what your customer base is talking about, what questions they may have about your products and services, as well as related concerns they may have with your industry in general. This is a rich vein of information that can be mined for blog topics that will be timely and address the specific interests of your customer base.

User Generated Content Allows You To Interact With Your Customers
This is another area that is particularly important for e-commerce sites. Enabling reviews, testimonials, and customer forums may be a great way to generate content for your site, but they should be closely monitored. If a customer has an issue with your service, or a complaint about a product, other customers will judge you according to how well you deal with the complaint. So be quick and courteous in your replies. It is also important to use a strong spam filter on your site to avoid getting a flood of spammy content. Search engines hate spam as much as potential customers, and you want to minimize its occurrence as much as possible.

The plugin helps you handle with ease the 'user generated content' sent by your visitors, besides having a whole bunch of features to help you in your work. These features include:

Wordpress installation - top

Youtube video tutorial:

I also provided a Quick Install Guide to feature an easy plugin installation for everyone.

To make this plugin work, first, you'll need to install the plugin. The easiest method is to take the .zip file you've downloaded and upload it via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard. Once the plugin is installed, be sure to Activate it.

Now that you've installed and activated the plugin, you'll see a new menu item created inside WordPress called 'Prometheus User Submitted Content'. First thing first, let's head over to Settings > Prometheus User Submitted Content and take a look at what options are available.

Plugin Settings - top

Refreshingly, Prometheus User Submitted Content plugin has a super-simple settings screen. Let's look at first at the settings panel:

Here you can find the steps needed in configuring your plugin even if you have no HTML knowledge at all. You can find options for:

HINT! Don't forget to click the Save button every time you modified your settings, otherwise the modifications will be lost!

Main Settings:

Submitted Posts Statistics:

Form Default Texts:

What are WordPress shortcodes?

Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort. They were introduced in WordPress 2.5, and the reason to introduce them was to allow people to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without writing any code directly. This allows you to embed files or create objects that would normally require a lot of code in just one single line. For example, a shortcode for embedding information about the user's browser looks like this:


Sometimes you may want to use the text of a shortcode in a post. To do this you have to escape it using double brackets. For example, if you want to add the user submission form to a page, you can use prometheus_list_submitted_posts shortcode to add the form, by using the following shortcode:


Shortcodes simplify the addition of features to a WordPress site. By using shortcodes the HTML and other markup is added dynamically directly into the post or page where the user wants them to appear.

Results: If everything is configures well, you can go to plugin administration page, and you can wait to see it's results in the 'Submitted Posts Statistics' admin page (where you can see logs of your user submitted posts)! You can also include the following shortcode to your website:

[prometheus_add_form] - this shortcode will add a the submission form anywhere on your website!
[prometheus_list_submitted_posts] - this shortcode will list all users submitted posts!
[prometheus_list_submitted_pages] - this shortcode will list all users submitted pages!
[prometheus_list_submitted_posts_and_pages] - this shortcode will list all users submitted posts and pages!

Here are some examples of Prometheus User Submitted Content plugin features:

Basic Submission Form integrition:

Advanced Submission Form integrition:

Image Attachment example:

Customized form example:

Blue form example:

User submitted post example:

Admin panel notification example:

Widget form integrition example:

v1.4 plugin update - added translation possibilities to shortcode - top

Now you can translate your form with ease directly from the short code with which you add it to the webpage. You can add a bunch of new parameters to it and make it's output completly customizable.

Note that all these parameters are optional, and if you do not specify them, their defaul value will apply (the one saved in the plugin settings -> 'Form Default Texts' submenu.)

The new parameters (and their meaning) are:

Example of usage (this is a full example - you can leave out fields as you wish):

[prometheus_add_form user_name='Please Insert Your Name' user_email='Please Insert Your Email' user_url='Please Insert Your Site Name' post_title='Please Insert The Post Title' post_tags='Please Insert The Post Tags' post_password='Please Insert The Post Password' post_excerpt='Please Insert The Post Excerpt' post_category='Please Insert The Post Category' accept_comments='Accept Comments?' accept_pings='Accept Pingsbacks?' post_format='Please Insert The Post Format' post_or_page='Post or Page' post_attachment='Allow Post Attachments?' post_content='Please Insert The Post Content' submit_button='Submit Post' bot_trap='Please Leave This Field Empty. This is a trap for Spam Bots' duplicate='Duplicate post titles are not allowed!' duplicate2='Duplicate post content is not allowed!' failed='Failed to insert your post into WordPress try again later!' captcha='The Captcha verification string you entered is incorrect!' bot='You entered text in a hidden textfield that functions as a honeypot bot trap!' banned='Sorry but you are banned from sending further posts!' user='You are required to enter a user name!' email='You are required to enter an email address!' url='You are required to enter the URL of your website!' title='You are required to enter a title for the submitted post!' tags='You are required to enter tags for the submitted post!' category='You are required to enter a category for the submitted post!' content='You are required to enter content for the submitted post!' reqcaptcha='You are required to enter the required captcha for the submitted post!' excerpt='You are required to enter an excerpt for the submitted post!' comments='You are required to specify if you want to enable comments for your submitted post!' ping='You are required to specify if you want to enable pings for your submitted post!' password='You are required to set a password for your submitted post!' format='You are required to choose a format for your submitted post!' type='You are required to choose the type for your submitted post (post or page)!' image='You are required to add an image for your submitted post!' notallowed='You are not allowed to submit posts (you are not on the "allowed list")!' nopriviledges='You do not have enough priviledges to submit your post in this form!' titlelong='The title is too long!' titleshort='The title is too short!' contentlong='The content is too long!' contentshort='The content is too short!' authorlong='The author name is too long!' authorshort='The author name is too short!' emaillong='The email is too long!' emailshort='The email is too short!' urllong='The author url is too long!' urlshort='The author url is too short!' tagslong='The tags string is too long!' tagsshort='The tags string is too short!' excerptlong='The excerpt is too long!' excerptshort='The excerpt is too short!' passwordlong='The password is too long!' passwordshort='The password is too short!' maxfiles='Maximum number of uploaded files exceeded!' maxsize='Maximum file size exceeded!' minsize='Submitted file is below the minimum file size allowed!' minfiles='Minimum file upload count not met!' notallowedextension='Submitted File Extension Not Allowed' maxheight='Maximum image height exceeded.' minheight='Minimum image height not met.' maxwidth='Maximum image width exceeded.' minwidth='Minimum image width not met.' maxurls='Maximum number of URLs exceeded in post content' unknown='Unknown Error!' error_string='Error: ' category_default='Please select a category...' accept_string='Accept' deny_string='Deny' is_post='Post' is_page='Page' is_standard='Standard' is_aside='Aside' is_gallery='Gallery' is_link='Link' is_image='Image' is_quote='Quote' is_status='Status' is_video='Video' is_audio='Audio' is_chat='Chat' submit_post='Submit Post' success_string='Your post was sent! Thank You!']

Summary - top

Prometheus User Submitted Content plugin is a simple, yet powerful tool you can use to manage user submitted content. The setup and settings of the plugin couldn't have been easier. Now, let's go and enjoy the results of this great plugin! Have fun using it!

Sources and Credits - top

This component was made by Szabi CodeRevolution, for more information and support contact us at [email protected]

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this item. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions regarding this plugin and I'll do my best to assist.