What is Mega WordPress Bundle by CodeRevolution?

Mega WordPress Bundle by CodeRevolution is a powerful collection of all my WordPress plugins (you can view them also, in my portfolio).
With this item, you can buy all my work, updates and support with a unique discount!
Note that I will also add future WordPress plugins I will release to this bundle and if you buy it now, you will have also access to all my future work without any future fees!

The Ultimate WordPress Plugin Bundle

Do you want to have on your WordPress site more traffic and engaging content? Do you want to create a dropshipping store or online community at a fraction of the price?
If you're taking on a big project and need more than one tool to get there, we have just the deal for you: a complete WordPress plugin library for a great price! The bundle includes all our current and future plugins.
Your purchase comes with 6 months of expert support, , plugin updates, and any new plugins or addons released from the bestselling CodeRevolution team.
Best of all, every plugin is written by the same team of expert WordPress developers, so you can rest assured they will work together seamlessly! You'll find the best WordPress plugins for blogs and the the best WordPress plugins for niche websites. They work with any premium or free WordPress theme.

What you will get with the Mega Bundle?

Advanced WordPress Plugins
Get tools to create or enhance any WordPress site - feel free to create blogs or niche sites, the sky is the limit!
Get All of CodeRevolution's Plugins
Immediate access to all of CodeRevolution's premium WordPress plugins.
Ultimate Editions
Get the most advanced editions of all plugins and addons - without any feature limitation.
Use Forever
Once installed, plugins and addons can be used forever (on a single website).
Lifetime Updates
You will benefit also of unlimited updates and new feature releases for our existing plugins.
Automatically Get Newly Released Plugins
Access to all upcoming plugins immediately after they are released.
On Site Support
On-site assistance to resolve any issue you might have with our plugins, for the 6 months support period (can be extended).
Premium Email Support
Email support to solve technical issues that might arise while using our plugins. Support is always top notch.

At CodeRevolution, we created a wide variety of plugins designed to address any WordPress enthusiast's needs, to build blogs or niche website and grow their traffic over time, to support eCommerce sites, to build eLearning platforms, or for online marketers, to improve any site's SEO, and much more.
In addition to our current mix of innovative products, we're always on the lookout for great ideas to help WordPress users create great websites - some of the ideas come directly from the suggestions of our current customers. New plugins are coming out all the time (for example, in 2019, we released 14 new plugins) - we are in a continuous development process.

At the moment, included items are (the evergrowing list):

WordPress Mega Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase the CodeRevolution Plugin Package?

You'll gain an incredible set of tools to enhance your WordPress site in just about any way you can imagine ' build an online community, an e-learning platform, monetize your site, and much more! You'll also receive all of our new releases, updates to every plugin we release, and expert WordPress support. You get all this for an amazing price, at a huge discount compared to buying each plugin one at a time.

Does the package include the latest edition of Newsomatic and other plugins from CodeRevolution?

Yes, the Bundle contains all the plugins we released so far, and it will automatically contain all plugins that we will release in the future.

Does it include plugins from all the other smaller Bundles that you sell?

Yes, the Mega Bundle contains all plugins, even those already included in other smaller bundles.

How much do I have to pay for this bundle?

The price of the Mega Bundle automatically increases by 3% after each purchase (new customer) - so, the lowest price you will ever get for it is right now!

Does the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Apply to the Plugin Bundle Package?

Yes, however, we will try to fix issues on your site with our plugins, and will grant refund only if multiple plugins are still not working for you, after our team investigated the issues on your site. It is very difficult to protect ourselves from malicious users who will install everything they need and then create a false problem with one plugin to get their money back unfairly. So we investigate very seriously each issue that might appear.

If I already purchased a plugin from you, can I upgrade it to the Mega Bundle?

If you've already bought one or two of our plugins and wish you'd gone for the whole lot and saved money, just ask and we can offer a refund for purchased plugins, and you can get the full Bundle afterwards, we have done this many times before.

How many times can I install each plugin?

Using the 'Regular License' from CodeCanyon, each plugin can be installed once per domain/website. Using the 'Extended License', each plugin can be installed unlimited times.

Can I activate a single plugin and 'skip' other plugins?

Yes, you can activate a plugin on a site, and activate other plugins on other sites. You can distribute them freely, as long as you activate a plugin only once (for the Regular License).
If you would like to activate a plugin more times, please consider purchasing a more licenses (for the Bundle or for the respective plugin).

How do I download the plugins and get new updates?

Once you have an active license to the plugin bundle package, you will be able to automatically update plugins from WordPress' 'Plugins' menu (using plugin automatic updating).

I have more questions, where can I get help?

What we can offer is a ton of pre-sale support. If you are curious about what our plugins can do, you can check our in-depth product pages describing what we make in full detail, as well as live demos for many of our products. For any additional questions, you can always contact us via email or the live pre-sales chat support (check the contact page). So it is possible to get a detailed understanding of what our products do before you commit to your purchase.

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Special notes:

+ For support or customizations please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Thank you!