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What is Automatic Video Creator Plugin?

Automatic Video Creator WordPress Plugin is a tool allows you to go automatically created videos, from the images and audio added to the content of posts you publish. This plugin is ideal for increasing your web site view count in no time, with the help of your interactive videos, directly embedded in your posts.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use system allows you to simply embed images in posts that you publish on your blog, and these will be automatically converted to videos.

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Get this item on Envato Market!

Thanks to it's ground breaking methods, videos generated by this plugin will be able to also be automatically uploaded to YouTube (by Youtubomatic), live streamed to YouTube (by YouLive), uploaded to Vimeo (by Vimeomatic), uploaded to DailyMotion (by DMomatic), uploaded to Twitch (by Twitchomatic), uploaded to Facebook (by FBomatic) or live streamed to Facebook (by FaceLive)

Plugin features:
This plugin only requires some quick configurations and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. The plugin is also "plug and play" - you can activate it, and after some simple configurations, you can profit from the major part of the plugin main features.
All the available features makes Automatic Video Creator WordPress Plugin the best and most flexible automatic video creator plugin for WordPress.

Testing Automatic Video Creator Plugin

You can test the Automatic Video Creator Plugin on the pages linked bellow:

Try it out now

Plugin Requirements

Automatic Video Creator Plugin

Bonus Features

The plugin can be combined with other plugins I created, to expand it's functionality. Here are the possible combination variants:

How do you see Automatic Video Creator WordPress Plugin's results?

First you must install and activate the plugin. Than you must configure it as you like and save the settings. Next thing next, you can wait to see the automatically generated videos appearing on your blog!

If you keep Automatic Video Creator Plugin enabled, videos will continue to get published on your blog (if you publish posts containing images), even in your sleep!

Automatic Video Creator video tutorial:

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Special notes:

+ For support or customizations please contact us at the following e-mail adress: [email protected]. Thank you!