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New Year, New Challenge: Newbie Niche Site Month


New Year, New Challenge: Newbie Niche Site Month

For those of you who are on the list and have been receiving my e-mails, you know that Newbie Niche Site Month has started.

So, here’s what this new challenge will be about:

  • Each week, for 3 weeks, I share with those on my newsletter list, a list of exact keyword domains (10 domains each week).  Having an exact match keyword domain is extremely powerful when it comes to ranking for that keyword in Google’s search engine results. The first batch of 10 domains was already sent out by the time this post is published.
  • The reason I targeted this special series toward “newbies” is because these keywords generally have 1,000-2,000 exact searches per month.  This is still plenty of traffic to create a profitable niche site, but those of you who are already experienced may have your sights set a bit higher.
  • The domains I’m sharing with you will be best suited for Amazon niche sites, so, you can use the Amazomatic plugin to create content for them.

There is a TON of information out there about niche research, keyword research, setting up a WordPress blog, monetizing it, etc.  People happily give away this information, especially when they can insert an affiliate link in every other sentence.  There’s nothing wrong with that (everyone, even the most respected bloggers, does it).

The one thing people almost never share are the results of that research – specific keywords and domain names that are available.  What I’ve found (just based on questions in e-mails that I’ve received) is that people have no problem learning the entire process and gathering all the necessary resources.  What people do have a problem with is that first step – finding a domain to build a site with, based on solid, fundamental keyword research.  And that’s going to be my gift to you, to start up the new year!

The Details of Newbie Niche Site Month

During this month, I am going to send out one e-mail per week (and I won’t tell you in advance which day it’ll be) to my newsletter subscribers (in addition to my pre-scheduled content that you may receive if you’re a recent subscriber) that will contain a short list of available domains, generally based on products that you can sell as an affiliate.

The Goal

I want to help people who have never built a niche website, or who have tried building one, but failed.  I’m not trying to feed amazing domain names to people who are already experienced with developing niche websites.

Starting Small

I’m a firm believer in starting small when you’re new at something.  Run a 5k before you run a marathon.  Cook dinner for your girlfriend before you cook dinner for an entire party.  Achieve “small wins” so that you gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to go after the big fish.

With that in mind, I’m going to give out domains that aren’t highly competitive – they may be based on keywords that only receive 1,000-2,000 exact searches per month.  Even if a site like this only allows you to earn an additional $5-10 per month, that’s still $5-10 of passive income each month.  It’ll pay for your domain, and you’ll take what you learned and go after a bigger and better website.

What Types of Domains Are These?

These domains will generally be the types that work well for Amazon affiliate niche sites. Because of this, you will be able to use the Amazomatic plugin on them, to create content.

Also, these domains will all be .com .net and .org domains.

Sign Me Up! How Do I Make Sure I Receive These E-mails?

If you are already subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll receive them without needing to take any action.  If you’re not subscribed, you can subscribe in the fields below or in any of the sign up forms you see on this blog (if you are reading this in an RSS reader, you may need to actually open up this post in your browser to see the form):

To join Newbie Niche Site Month, please Sign-up here (I respect your email privacy)!

Won’t There Be Many People Rushing to Register These Domains?

Maybe, but I don’t think so.  A lot of people may already be experienced with finding good domains, so these won’t interest them.  Other people are simply too lazy.   If you see a domain you want, go for it.  If it’s taken, don’t worry – try another one on the list or wait for next week’s e-mail.

Other Questions & Answers!

Here are a couple of the most common questions I received over the past month:

Why are you giving away domain names that have value?  Why not register them and keep them for yourself?

Although I do have sites like these that make money, and do believe that they are worth building, I’ve changed my focus to more competitive niches and keywords (and ones that have more traffic).  Because these domains are ones I’ve found and decided not to register myself, I thought it would make for a nice “giveaway” for my readers here.  If I’m not going to benefit from them, someone else should.

It seems to take me a long time to find exact keyword domains that aren’t already taken.  How did you find so many?

I love Market Samurai for this (oldie but goldie), but you don’t even need premium software to do it (although if you haven’t tried it, you can download a free trial version of the software).

Sometimes if I’m not at home and I’m on a computer without Market Samurai, I open up Google’s Keyword Tool and begin searching for keywords based on whatever item or category that comes to mind.  Then, I use NameCheap to check and register domains.

You might feel like all the good domains are taken, but the truth is, they’re not. Every day, profitable domains are invented.  Every time a new product is released, you could potentially create a review site based around that product.  Keyword searches are always evolving, so therefore, good domain availability is too.


Pro Tip:

If you missed the period of the challenge, you still have a chance to check the domain list, because I also published the full list of domains in the ‘member only’ section of this website. So, you can subscribe here, and check the full list here!

Go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter, and check the next batches that will come during the upcoming weeks!


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