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Why you should have a blog?


Why you should have a blog?

Why have a blog? To earn an income online – or – simply to have fun. The choice is yours.

The next question or problem you face is what is the best way to build a blog – a critical issue if you are not an IT person.

And, it is easy to set up!

BUT,  before you jump in and contract for a flashy, super duper website that has all the bells and whistles you have to make some other decisions first.

Answer any or all of these questions
• What do you need a website for?
• What’s its purpose?
• Is it about information?
• Is it for landing pages only?
• Is it a site for promoting products (e.g. Clickbank products)
• Will you be inserting Adsense as part of your site monetization program? (don’t build a site just for Adsense – Google won’t be friendly)
• What is your budget? – there will be monthly fees (e.g. ranging from $6 -$30 a month)

Other issues impacting on website construction choices
• Domain Name
• Do you know html, CSS, FTP?
• How will you get your content?
• External and internal linking
• Will you need to include graphics/images
• Does it need to be able to store PDFs, audio/video files for others to download?
• Can you write good sales letters?
• Keyword research
• Niche marketing
• Design and layout (the “look and feel”)

AND, last, but not least – will you be maintaining the site yourself or paying for it to be done by someone else.

If the latter, that’s easy – if it’s you, then can you put the time into it to make it worth your dollar investment.

Blogs and Websites for internet marketing do not need to be expensive and flashy – such as would a site that promotes fashion, movies, cars and so on.

When you collate your answers to the above questions, then you can look at hosting programs and software that will:
1. Do what you can’t
2. That allow you to do what you are able to (and thus save)
3. That are relatively easy to use
4. That have great support – easily accessible and reasonable response times (you would be surprised how hard it is to find real “contact us” pages on some sites – Google included)

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