1. Hello,

    Yes, this is supported by the plugin. You must use the aether-hide-not-logedin in combination with the aether-hide-logedin shortcode.

    How to solve the 2 examples give by you:

    1. [aether-hide-not-logedin]!!!Your original contact form here!!!!An image with your disabled contect form here!!![/aether-hide-logedin]

    2. [aether-hide-not-logedin replacement=”xxxxxxxxx”]7876655372[/aether-hide-not-logedin]

    Please test this feature here: http://coderevolution.ro/aether-test/aether-test-generator/

    Szabi – CodeRevolution.

  2. Sorry, but it seems that Envato forum is stripping away some of my above answer. I try again embedding it correctly. Please see below:

    1. [aether-hide-not-logedin]Your original contact form here[/aether-hide-not-logedin][aether-hide-logedin]An image with your disabled contect form here[/aether-hide-logedin]

    2. [aether-hide-not-logedin replacement="xxxxxxxxx"]7876655372[/aether-hide-not-logedin]

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